Advantages And Disadvantages Of Pesticides And Herbicides

Herbicides and pesticides are an unavoidable part of gardening life. These two products work to keep plants save from invasion by unwanted plants, that could kill the plants that you do want to grow, and from invasion by insects and pests. An insect infestation can destroy a garden remarkably quickly, and treating your plants after they arrive is too late. While the benefits of pesticides and herbicides may outweigh the risks, and while using these products on a small scale, backyard flower garden may be of negligible risk, adding pesticides and herbicides to the food supply, or using them in large scale operations may demonstrate a real risk to the health of the consumers and of the environment.

Pros of pesticides and herbicides

The advantages of pesticides and herbicides are obvious.

  • They keep gardens and crops safe from insects, plants, and invasive plants.
  • A farmer could lose his entire livelihood if these elements get into his fields and destroy his crops, and the follow on effect of that are higher prices at the stores on produce for everyone.

Cons of pesticides and herbicides

At what cost does this protection come, however?

  • Pesticides have been linked over and over again to illnesses and problems in humans. Test conducted on herbicides and the human embryo and pesticides and the human embryo show time and time again that these materials can be very dangerous to developing babies.
  • The pesticide linked Stevens - Johnson syndrome is just one example of a pesticide and herbicide causing disease in humans.
  • Pesticides in our health is more of a major issue than you might imagine. Thanks to the widespread use of pesticides and herbicides in farms and fields, our produce consistently comes to the stores contaminated with pesticides and herbicides, and simply washing the produce really does not do the trick.
  • Also, run off from fields into waterways further contaminates our water supplies.
  • Scientists believe that this exposure to pesticides and herbicides might be behind phenomena like the increase in autism rates and early rates of puberty, likewise, exposure to herbicides and pesticides can cause miscarriage.


The effects of pesticides don't simply mean we can stop using them, however. If you need to use a pesticide, you should be aware that there are several different kinds of herbicides and pesticides. From organic pesticides to gramaxone pesticides and parallel herbicides, you should check the pesticide label to see what ingredients are used in your pesticide, and research the effects of those ingredients. Investigate pesticide safety before you use the pesticides to protect yourself and your family.