How To Make An English Ivy Topiary

Wire topiary forms

  • Covered wire
  • Decorative pot

How To Make

  • Choose a wire frame, they come in all shapes and sizes. Begin with an English or needlepoint ivy, the larger the better - especially one with longer stems. This makes it easier to train the topiary.
  • Gently place the wire form in the centre of the ivy and push it down until the form is secure. Take one of the ivy's longer stems and wrap it around the base of the form.This will keep it secure.
  • Gently twist the covered wire around the ivy stem, attach it to the metal form. Snip off excess wire and any extra hanging stem. This will not hurt the plant but will send energy to the side shoots and make it fuller.
  • Cut off the ivy leaves that wrap around the stem - do not remove more than 1/3 of the leaves or the plant may go into shock.
  • Remove more leaves every few weeks until the stem is bare and repeat wrapping and cutting process until you have created a desired ornamental look.
  • The key to topiaries is patience, sit back and relax in about 3 months you will have the desired effect.
  • Taking care of topiaries is easy - don't over-water, keep out of direct sunlight and fertilize lightly (but not between November and April).
  • When it is warm enough take your topiary outside but keep it out of the sun!