Houston Texas Landscaping Monthly Tips

The challenge of landscaping Houston Texas!

In this article you will find brief reminder of things that should be done when Houston Texas.

  • January

    In the high plains and colder section, dormant spraying of evergreens will be important this month. If winter is dry, water shrubs liberally.
  • February

    Some of the coldest weather of the winter can be expected during this month. Winter protection will be important west of Amarillo to Phoenix.
  • March

    This will be a good month to renew your lawn, in all but the coldest areas, and to finish planting shrubs, trees, and perennials.
  • April

    This will be a good month to complete planting projects in the colder parts of Southwest-choose for drought resistance as well as cold hardiness.
  • May

    You can begin to plan and plant for summer color. Get all summer-flowering bulbs in the ground, and continue to sow annuals where needed.
  • June

    Concentrate this month on minimizing hot weather. Mulch shallow rooted plants and cultivate to reduce weeds, conserve water.
  • July

    Big jobs on the plains will be keeping soil moist and weeds controlled. Along the coast, watch for fungus diseases.
  • August

    You can order plants now for fall delivery, and choose spots for new shade trees to set out later.
  • September

    You can start new lawns of rye grass now in most of this area. It might be advisable to wait until the last of the month if rains are inadequate.
  • October

    Fall is a big planting season in most parts of the Southwest. Order shrubs, trees and vines for planting on arrival. Choose drought resistant plants when landscaping Houston Texas.
  • November

    If you protect your flowers from early cold snaps, you can extend your garden season by as much as 4 to 6 weeks.
  • December

    You can plant most shrubs and trees this month, if dry weather delayed earlier work.

Sit back and enjoy the work you have contributed to landscaping!