How To Repair Pet Damaged Lawn

Pets can do a considerable amount of damage to your lawn. Pet urine and poop will damage or kill grass and cause dead spots. Dog poop is not bad for the garden and can be composted. However, cat poop is not good, it is very acidic and can kill plants.

To keep cats from going in an grass is to make it unlike a litter box. If you keep the soil moist, it will deter them from using that area. Dogs seem to stay away from the bedding areas but seem to space their poops out over the lawn. If you start a pile, next to your compost, and add soil as well as lime to help with odour it can keep the yard clean and may bring them to do their business in that area.

To repair a pet damaged lawn, try the following:

  • Mix one package of seed cover (a fine ground packaged wood product, some brands are Cuver-up or Topper) with a half to one kilogram of grass seed, keep it in a plastic bucket or bag.
  • Use the identical type of seed for the lawn you are repairing. Flush the damaged area with plenty of water to remove residue. Lightly sprinkle the area with water after applying the seed mixture. The seed will sprout within 7 to 10 days.
  • Powdered gypsum, water and vinegar will also help to remove residue.
  • Some products on the market that can be used for pet damaged lawns are
  • Amturf (Dogpatch spot repair)
  • Oseco (Patch protection and combination lawn repair)
  • Pickseed (Lawn thickener or patch grass)