What Lawn Fertilizer To Use For Fall Season


I have a question regarding what fertilizer to use for the Fall season. I have heard that a 65% slow release 24-4-16 fertilizer is best, then again I have heard that a 26-13 fertilizer is best. Any advice? My lawn is only one year old and is in really good condition.

Also, I am having the lawn aerated in the next 4 weeks, should wait and fertilize after, before or doesn't matter. One last question. I moved some sod from one area of my yard to the other, and it isn't doing all that great. What do you recommend to getting it looking like the rest. It is kind of sparse in some areas so I was thinking about adding lawn seed to it this fall for growth next year. Any advice on the above would be greatly appreciated. Thanks.


With regard to fertilizing in the fall, it is recommended that you fertilize by mid-August - if you wait until too late you will encourage new growth when the grass should be slowing its growth and preparing for winter. So you will need to start as soon as possible! As for the fertilizer that will work best 26-13-0, the zero represents potash and prairie soils often contain enough potash that more is not required. It should be applied at a rate of 2.0 - 2.5 kg per 100 square metres of lawn. Aeration is best done before or just around the same time as fertilization.

This does not seem go along with the way you have planned it but maybe you

can change the aeration date.

As for the patches that are not doing very well, these are steps to getting them growing again:

  • remove dead grass and debris from the patches.
  • loosen the soil in the patches.
  • apply compost or soil, about to 2 to 3 inches.
  • smooth the new soil until level with the other areas.
  • scatter grass seed over the patch and incorporate gently into the soil.
  • cover the area with a thin layer of straw or grass clippings to act as mulch.
  • water gently.
  • keep these areas moist until seeds germinate. Once the new grass is established, resume regular watering.