Rosales Planting And Fertilizing

Most of the rosales that we see hybrid they are obtained from a pattern of wild rosal to which the variety is grafted to him that is desired.

It plants the rosales in zigzag form to obtain a pretty and compact effect.

Where to plant

The rosales need a sunny place, but there are times that too much heat in a place to the south does, reason why with a slight shade it leaves from the day would be better.


Type 15-15-15, 12-10-18 pays to the rosales 2 times during the season of growth with a complete fertilizer? In autumn or winter an organic subscriber of bottom with dung, compost, mantillo, humus of lombriz, etc.

It eliminates the withered roses

You must cut the withered flowers of the rosales so that they return to bring forth new roses without stopping. If you leave them they consume energies instead of going for the other flowers in formation.

Rosales miniature or dwarves

The varieties in miniature are wonderful flowerpots and to enjoy them in terraces and windows. The roses in miniature prefer the outside because they hate the dryness of the atmosphere of the interior of the house and is cause of many deaths. It is good for introducing it in the interior during the flowering and soon, when this one finishes, to give back it to his original location.